Cyber Security: Compliance & Governance

  • ISO27001 consulting services help organizations build an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) through a set of interrelated services.
  • ISO20000 consulting services help organizations build an effective information technology service management (ITSM) through a set of interrelated services.
  • PCI DSS – Every company that accepts credit card payments, processes credit card transactions, stores credit card data, or in any other way touches personal or sensitive data associated with credit card payment processing, is affected by the PCI DSS.
  • BCMS Consulting services based on the acclaimed ISO22301 helps your organization build an effective Business Continuity Management System through a set of interrelated services.
  • GDPR Compliance Consulting Services helps organizations build an effective Information Security Strategy achieving data protection and privacy operational change and compliance.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Our Approach to helping you manage your regulatory and statutory compliance. Regulatory compliance will be the top business issue affecting enterprise information security professionals in the next 12 to 18 months, according to research from ISACA.
  • Cloud Risk Management – ISACA’s survey on cloud computing adoption presents some interesting findings. Forty-five percent of IT professionals think the risks far outweigh the benefits and only 10 percent of those surveyed said they’d consider moving mission-critical applications to the cloud
  • Information Security Audits – Using various standards and frameworks such as ISO18028, NIST standards, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc., based on the organizational objectives, an audit framework is identified and carried out.
  • GRC Consultancy– As a value-added service, Online GRC Solution provides you freedom from Word / Excel file. The entire assignment completed delivered – online, secure, trackable, and with end-to-end workflow.
  • ATM Security Assessment – To protect your ATM network from fraud, the banking security experts at Gulf Bound Solution have developed a series of customized assessments that consider the entire ATM ecosystem as a whole and not just the machine.

Cyber Security:
Risk & Security Managements

IT Risk Management is the practice of identifying risks to your systems and data assets and implementing measures and policies to reduce them to an acceptable level. Integral to ‘internal control,’​ it is the cornerstone of good IT governance.
WHY do I need an IT Risk Management Advisory service?

A third party can help you:

  • Identify risks – and rank them according to their likelihood and potential impact.
  • Define your risk appetite – and acceptable levels of risk.
  • Prioritize security projects and new investments in security technologies.
  • Begin the remediation process and implement controls.

Our extensive experience in a wide variety of organizations means we’ve been able to develop proven methodologies for risk assessment and mitigation.

Cyber Security:
IT Audit & Advisory

Our security advisers can provide access on-site to scarce skills and resources. They’ll help you develop more robust strategies to manage and mitigate cybersecurity risks and protect your organization and its data assets.

  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
  • IT Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Security Monitoring
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Network Protection
  • Incident Response
  • Digital Forensics

Our Advisory Services have much in common with our Managed Cybersecurity Services: they provide access to scarce skills and resources and can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring new, specialist staff.

Our experts work in co-operation with risk and security teams to identify problems, design and implement solutions to protect data and systems, detect adverse ‘cyber events’ and ensure effective response and recovery.

Consultants with decades of experience, they’ll help you and your employees manage the challenges of increasingly complex technologies and increasingly complex security systems – and develop cyber

Cyber Security: Certifications

PCI DSS Certification
From conducting independent assessment as per SAQ to full-fledged (ROC) certification, Gulf Bound Solution is there with you. With multiple project experiences in not just consulting but also auditing, Gulf Bound Solution QSAs are well qualified to not just audit your card environment but also provide you quick remediation suggestion to get compliant and stay compliant.

Cyber Security: Training

Our security awareness programs are effective and bind the whole Information Security Management System together, complementing and supporting technical, physical and procedural controls.

Cyber Security:
Assurance Services

  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • ICS Security Assessment
  • Code Reviews
  • Secure Configuration,
  • Security Audit,
  • Incident Response,
  • Forensics,
  • Professional Services
  • CISO Advisory Services

Enterprise Blockchain

Delivering solutions with the security in mind, distributed custom blockchain services to help you transform your industry

We are working with the most determined blockchain technology pioneers, leaders and promoters of this transformational change. Our unique position allows us early access to enterprise blockchain solutions before they are available on the market and it is our aim to share it with our clients and introduce beneficial solutions.

Exchange of Information authorization

Automatically authorize information exchanges, and immutably record them.

Smart contracts

Self-executing contracts and time- or event- triggered wallets facilitate easy, fast transactions.

Secure identity verification

Automate identification and permissions across decentralized networks.

Secure distributed storage

Store digital assets securely and access them rapidly, with verifiable chains of action and access.

Cross-border business and financial transactions

Send and receive payments and transfers across currency and national borders with ease at low cost.

Cyber attack prevention systems

Encrypted, distributed blockchain technology makes conventional hacks extremely hard.

Compliance with GDPR and SOX

Secure chains of custody for sensitive data and verifiable SOX-compliant executive actions.

Artificial Intelligence

On offer - products in three main areas: computer vision, reinforcement learning and natural language processing. With our access to considerable resources allow us to provide end-to-end services out our clients. Setting up the equipment, configuration and support and share our mentors`experience for any project regardless of its implementation stage.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and deep learning find insights hidden in data without explicitly being told where to look or what to conclude. We have access to AI solutions which include comprehensive, intuitive machine learning tools with automated feature engineering capabilities, resulting in better recommendations for faster, smarter decision making.

Natural Language Processing

NLP enables understanding, interaction and communication between humans and machines. AI solutions use NLP to automatically extract critical business insights and emerging trends from large amounts of structured and unstructured content.

AI Powered platforms in Cyber Security

AI powered platform that automates real time application and infrastructure protection from cyber attacks, identifies exploits and stops attack propagation.

Active and Passive Exploit Checking

Build your custom AI powered platform for monitoring, detecting and preventing cyber attacks.